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Join the Dutch Language Café community!

Come to the open evening!

Interested in joining the Dutch Language Cafe? We highly recommend you to go to one of the open evenings!

Open evening with board games
Every three weeks on Wednesday at 19:30
Register here!

Do you want to try any of the other regular activities? Just send an e-mail to and say which event you would like to try, and we will make sure there is someone to welcome you there :).

Ready to become a member?

As a member, you:

  • Can enter any community event
  • Can join the DLC WhatsApp group
  • Get free coffee/tea/lemonade at location
  • Get assigned a buddy (if you want) to introduce you to the community
  • Can learn & grow by organising your own activities

Note: For certain special events (like trips or outings) there are sometimes extra costs

Non-natives – 25/month
Natives – 11/month

We want to be accessible to anyone. If your income is low (<1300/month, check details here), you are eligible for the ‘low income discount’. Then, the prices are:
Non-natives – 15/month
Natives – 6/month

No worries, you can cancel any time!

As we try to speak Dutch as much as possible and avoid English, community membership is recommended for people who are already confident at speaking basic Dutch. Not at that level yet? Join our beginners program!

Volunteer program
By choosing to actively contribute to the community, you can get a discount on your membership!
Interested in volunteering? Please contact us!