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I’m a Belgian girl who spent four months in The Hague. There I wanted to improve my Dutch. I was an au pair with busy weeks so it was difficult to participate in some activities. Luckily I found the Dutch language café (DLC). Indeed, thanks to the help of Roben and a number of Dutch people, I learned a lot of Dutch. What is nice about the DLC is that you can discover a lot of things (the language, the culture…) but also meet a lot of people. Moreover, anyone who would like to learn Dutch can join the DLC to play games or to have a drink. Finally, the DLC is the best memory of my Dutch experience!

Dutch Language Café is a unique place for foreigners and expats to practice their spoken Dutch in an informal setting. Rather than being in a boring classroom and learning from textbooks, at Dutch Language Café we practice speaking Dutch by playing many different boardgames, Ping-Pong and enjoying a drink together on occasion. There will always be native-Dutch speakers around to help you, but it will never feel like a formal classroom setting. While being a native Dutch speaker, I never felt like I am a ‘teacher’ because of how informally the sessions are set up. Personally, I have gotten to know many fun and interesting people through Dutch Language Café, some of whom I now consider to be my friends. At the Dutch Language Café, you will be able to keep improving your Dutch by practicing at your own pace, regardless of your current speaking-level! Come by some time if you’re interested, and see for yourself!

The first time I came to the Dutch Language Café was 6 months ago. I enjoyed it a lot, because I came into contact with all kinds of nationalities. After this I came to the Dutch Language Café every week. The most important thing is that it gave me more self-confidence in speaking Dutch. You learn new words, you get a greater vocabulary and you learn about Dutch culture. To people who are considering coming, I would like to say: You’re not going to regret it! 

I started going to the Dutch Language Cafe in January 2019. All my previous knowledge in the language came from Duolingo. Is now July 2019 and I’m so happy because now I can actually have a very basic conversation in Dutch and is all thanks to the Dutch Language Cafe from Roben!!! The cafe is great because is divided in groups (mainly internationals) for beginners, intermediates, and advanced and there is always a Dutch person leading the conversation, which makes it a perfect way to learn. Also, we play games and have different activities on the weekends which makes it a lot of fun. I can really recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Dutch!!

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