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Volunteer at the Dutch Language Café

Interested in volunteering? There is plenty of opportunity to volunteer at the Dutch Language Café!

Why volunteer for Dutch Language Café?

  • Join our mission in revolutionizing language learning and making people feel at home in a new place!
  • Learn new skills (looks great on your resume!)
  • Build a better society
  • Make new friends & have lots of fun
  • Practice Dutch in another way!
  • Free membership to the community! :)

What type of volunteering can I do?

  • Help organize activities
  • Help with promotion, marketing & social media
  • Help ‘behind the scenes’, such as taking care of our place, maintaining the website, doing administration and so on
  • And more! It all depends on what you like to do most!

Concretely, we have currently have the following volunteer positions available:

Your task is clear: make sure everyone knows of us! You can promote in any way you see as best: host promotional events, print&spread flyers, network with other organisations, let your creativity flow!
Time: flexible, but at least 3 hours/week (the more you put in, the better the result!)
Event host / Event manager / Floor manager
Regularly host a specific event, or manage a series of events, for example, manage the cooking club.
Time: Flexible, but for a true volunteer position, we expect you to host at least about once/week for about 4 hours. Can also be a full ‘floor manager’ internship position, where you are frequently present during events.
B2B coördinator
Be the ‘product owner’ of our B2B services (exclusive events for organisations and community membership for organisations). Promote to other organisations, handle sales and after sales, and develop the B2B services.
Time: flexible, but at least 4 hours/week (the more you put in, the better the result!)

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Community Manager
Empower and guide members in becoming active and organising activities themselves
Time: Minimum 12hrs/week, 2/week at DLC, rest at home. Can also be internship position.
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Logistics manager
Supervise and to coordinate the activity of other logistic functions, such as facility management, administration, legal matters, and so on, to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone can perform effectively!
Time: Minimum 6 hrs/week, regular attendance at DLC is required.

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However, if these positions don’t interest you, don’t hesitate to still contact us, because we are pretty flexible and there’s always something you can do that matches your talents and needs!

Looking for internship or thesis position? That is also possible! Please contact us by filling in the form below!

I am not a native speaker, can I volunteer?

Of course! We don’t care if your Dutch is not so good! Of course, we help you every step of the way, also with the Dutch. Volunteering is even a good way to learn Dutch! We also try to link non-natives with natives as much as possible. If you are shy about your Dutch, just let us know and we will give you extra support! :).

Interested in volunteering? Let’s get to know each other! Fill out this form below