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Meet the team

General management

Originally from the south, from Brabant, so I still pronounce the ‘soft g’, but I since found my place in the west! I love games, sports, and meeting new people. Sometimes I pick up the guitar to play some blues and you can also find me in a boulder gym!

Business development

Hi! I myself am a Dutch learner, I have signed up for various language courses in the past where they were dreadfully boring. Therefore, I want to make the learning process as much “gezellig” as possible. I am a foodie and I like donuts of all kind.

Organisation management

After living in Chile, Peru and New-Zealand, I know how challenging it can be to start a new life in a foreign language. When I got back to the Netherlands, I joined DLC to help others with that challenge and also to make new friends myself! I am a social creature and I really enjoy being outdoors, sports, dancing, games and good food.   

Community management

The diversity of people and cultures is why I like the Dutch Language Café. It’s like traveling at home! I love to play and meeting people over a simple game of ‘kwartet’ can be so much fun. Besides the Dutch Language Café you can find me at the beach, doing sports or enjoying a good cup of coffee (preferably in the sun!).

Process optimalization

Olà! I like languages, cultures and playing games. It happens to be the case that all those ingrediënts are in the DLC. So, when I discovered this, there was no question: I was going to participate as a native. And so I did. Come play Catan with us and prepare for a lot of laughing:)))

Art & social media

I’m an artist and a guitar teacher. But somehow i fell in love with helping people learn the Dutch language. Feel free to ask me about the cowboys.