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Coaching & Private Teaching

Looking for a more individualized way to learn? We also offer private sessions! Perfect if you want to learn fast & efficiently, customized to your learning needs and schedule!

How it works

First, we do a free intake. Here, we:

  • Assess your current Dutch level
  • Identify the areas you want to focus on & the goals you want to achieve
  • Discuss your learning style and needs

Then, based on the intake, we will propose one of our private teaching focus areas (see below). You can then decide if you want to continue, the intake is free of obligations :).

Coaching / Private Teaching Focus Areas

Building Basic Vocabulary & Grammar

For complete beginners and beginners. Together we will build your basic language knowledge. Every session we will practice areas of vocabulary and grammar adapted to your level, so you will learn fast and effectively!

Getting Confident with Speaking

For beginners and intermediates who have some basic language knowledge but are not yet confident speaking whole conversations in Dutch. Together we will build your Dutch confidence. You will practice speaking with your teacher, and your teacher will teach you special conversational skills that help you get confident in any situation.

Using more Dutch in real life

For intermediates and advanced speakers who are able to speak Dutch, but struggle to do so in real life. Together we will look for more opportunities to speak Dutch in real life. You will learn skills that help you use Dutch in real life and the teacher will take the role of coach and motivator.

Perfecting your Dutch

For advanced speakers who already are confident using Dutch in daily life, but want to perfect their language level. Based on what you want to work on most, we can work on your accent, pronunciation, academic writing, work-level Dutch, reducing grammatical errors, and so on.

Your coach

Head shot of Roben smiling and looking into the camera.


I learned Spanish just by working in a bar and speaking to people. It was such a fun and effective way to learn that when I came back to The Netherlands, I was passionate about helping people learn languages in just that way. I believe that you learn best by combining learning with fun and valuable activities. I always focus on increasing confidence and ability to apply in real life. Would love to meet you and help you further along your learning journey!


Intake – Free!

After the intake, based on your level and what you want to achieve we will recommend a certain number of sessions and session length.

45 min sessions1 hour sessions1.5 hour sessions
4 sessions package
valid for 3 months
6 sessions package
valid for 4 months
8 sessions package
valid for 5 months

All the details
You can plan your sessions flexibly within the period they are valid.
Sessions can take place at our location, at another location convenient to you, or online.
Our location: No extra costs
Another location/your home: Extra charge of 3 euro per km travel distance from our location
Online sessions: 5% discount
After each session block will be an evaluation moment where you can decide to continue with another block or not

Book your intake