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Our mission is bringing people together, across languages, cultures, age-groups, professions, and so on.

We do that by bringing out the kid in people. We believe that people are inherently good, and by bringing out the kid in people you strip out all defenses and prejudices and make people truly open to one-another.

To bring the kid out, we do what kids like to do: playing games, making food, learning languages, singing songs, playing music, making friends and so on. We believe that these activities take us to the core of what it means to be human.

To make this happen, we create the optimal space (with games, musical instruments, books, and so on) with the optimal community of people (open-minded, friendly, eager to help and learn, and so on). We believe that this creates a safe space for people to truly come together.

Philosophy on language learning

Everything in Dutch
At the language café we talk in Dutch only. We believe that by talking in Dutch only, your mind will switch to ‘Dutch-mode’. Even a few words of English can get you out of this mode. So if you don’t know something, instead of explaining it in English, try to communicate using body language, making drawings, or telling it in another way. This teaches you how to survive in any situation using Dutch only, and improves your confidence in the real world.

Language learning should be fun and intrinsically rewarding
We believe that language learning is not a chore to get through in order to get to some reward in the future; we believe that language learning should be intrinsically rewarding from day one. Even if you won’t use a single word of Dutch in your daily life, the process of learning the language should be fun in and of itself, just like learning a sport is rewarding even though you might never reach the olympics. To achieve this, we focus on practical applications of the language, in fun situations, instead of artificial excercises, grammar, and memorization.