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Our mission is to create a world where learning the local language is easy, fun and cheap, and, where it is easy to build a social network in a new place.


By combining language learning with fun and interesting activities, we make language learning fun, effective and motivating. By creating thriving local communities, we help people quickly form a network.

Social Enterprise

The Dutch Language Café is managed as a ‘social enterprise‘.

We aim to be self-sufficient through our own revenue streams, and are therefore not dependend on subsidies. However, making profit is not a main goal, and achieving our social mission will always have priority.

Vision on language learning

We believe the most effective way to learn a language is to combine the language learning with activities that are valuable to you. For example, if you learn Dutch while playing your favourite sport, you have improved your Dutch while not having spent any extra time.

We believe learning this way is possible, because those situations present you with an opportunity to get ‘comprehensible input’. Instead of consciously learning grammar rules, we believe that by getting lots of input, you will naturally learn the langauge over time.

We believe there are four steps to becoming fluent in any language:
* Learn the basics
* Learn to speak in safe settings
* Use the language as much as possible in daily life
* Perfect your language

At the Dutch Language Cafe we support people along the way in their language learning journey. The beginner course helps people learn the basics. In the community they get confident speaking, and trough coaching we help them use it outside of the café.