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What is my level?

We use five levels at the Dutch Language Cafe: total beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced and near-native. They correspond roughly to CEFR language levels, but we put more emphasis on speaking and real-world ability, and less on vocabulary and grammar knowledge. Answer the question below to find your level :).

Do you know the most common words and phrases?
For example, you know how to say in Dutch: ‘I am thirty years old’, ‘The boy wants a red apple’, ‘Yesterday we went with a car’?
No –> complete beginner
Yes –> continue

Are you able to have conversations in Dutch without using English?
Explanation: When someone speaks slowly with you, you are able to have full conversations using only Dutch. You would be comfortable attending a language café event where everybody only speaks Dutch.
No –> beginner
Yes –> continue

Do you use Dutch in most of your daily life?
For example, you speak Dutch in restaurants, while doing your sport or hobby, when speaking to Dutch colleagues or friends, and you watch Dutch television, listen to Dutch radio, read Dutch books and so on.
No –> intermediate
Yes –> continue

Are you almost indistinguishable from a native speaker?
You are able to speak with natives at full speed, with little errors and without a strong accent. You can use Dutch in complex situations, for example at work. You are sometimes mistaken for a native speaker.
No –> advanced
Yes –> near-native