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For natives

The Dutch Language Café is not only a great place for people who want to learn Dutch. It is also a great place to become a member of when you are a Dutch native. We offer a lot more besides learning Dutch!

Meet new people

At the Dutch Language Café you meet many people from various countries. It is a great way to get to know new people and learn about different countries and cultures. It allows you to expand your social connections with new people. You can meet people who are very different from you but also those who are similar to you, since you can meet new people with the same interests at our clubs.

Learn new skills

You can participate in many different activities at the Dutch Language Café. We offer multiple clubs regarding various activities. If you would love to learn how to knit or have a love for cooking, you can participate in the particular club and join the weekly activities. You will gain more knowledge on something you already know a little bit about or gain a completely new skill!

Share your passion

Lastly, the Dutch Language Café is also a great way to share your passion with others. If you like, you could start your own club regarding an interest such as music or yoga. This allows you to teach others about something you are passionate about and create social connections with those who share the same interests.

So, if you are a Dutch native, the Dutch Language Café could be a great place for you. Here, you can meet new people, engage in different activities and create your own club! The Dutch Language Café is interesting for anyone, whether you are learning Dutch or are a native!