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Make your internationals feel at home in the Netherlands!

Do you work for or represent an organisation with internationals? And do you find on-boarding and integration of internationals in Dutch language and culture difficult? We can help!

Our approach

At the Dutch Language Cafe we combine language learning with fun and interesting activities. We create informal, relaxed settings, where people mingle and practice together.

We connect natives with non-natives and provide opportunities to learn the local culture and quickly build a social network.

Our approach is complementary to traditional Dutch courses! During courses, students learn grammar and vocabulary. At our activities, participants learn to apply what they have learned, get confident with speaking with real natives outside of classroom settings, and in addition to that, make new connections and have fun!

What can we offer to organisations?

If your organisation is based in The Hague or closeby, we can offer a group membership to our The Hague Community or exclusive activities for your organisation at our café.

If your organisation is not based close to The Hague, we can organise exclusive activities at your location, where we connect your native and non-native employees in fun, teambuilding activities where they practice Dutch together.

Group membership to our community

How it works

You provide membership (see details) to our The Hague community for a certain number of people in your organisation. We will make sure your internationals are integrated well into our community through our onboarding program.

Benefits for internationals

  • Learn to get confident speaking Dutch outside classroom settings
  • Quickly build social network
  • Connect with natives and learn local culture
  • Have lots of fun during the activities (see our calendar)
Example community activity: visit museum while practicing Dutch!

Benefits for the organisation

  • Retain internationals better through better integration and well-being
  • Increased ability of internationals to build rapport with native customers through speaking Dutch.
  • Meet corporate social responsibility goals through participating in community-building
  • Expand organisation’s reach by quickly building local, but international network

25 euro/month per person
From 25 memberships – one free exclusive activity for your organisation per year
From 50 memberships – two free exclusive activities for your organisation per year

Excusive activity for your organisation

Are you looking for a fun, team-building activity? Try a Dutch Language Café activity exclusive for your organisation! It is not a Dutch course – it very informal, relaxed and more like a team outing!

How it works

We host an informal event for your internationals and natives. Under our guidance, participants will practice Dutch together while doing a fun and interesting activity.

At our location in The Hague, we can host our cooking event, boardgame event or knitting event exclusive for your group. If your organisation is not based in The Hague, that is no problem! We can host the boardgame event at any location. We will bring all materials needed.

Benefits for internationals

  • Learn to get confident speaking Dutch outside classroom settings
  • Learn the language as it’s really spoken
  • Increase confidence speaking Dutch to natives in your group, so learning continues even after the session!
  • Make new connections with people
  • Have lots of fun
Example exclusive activity: cook together while practicing Dutch

Benefits for the organisation

  • Team-building through peer to peer learning.
  • Mix heterogeneous groups by working on a common goal – practicing Dutch
  • Increase Dutch level of organisation – helps with building rapport with native customers.
  • Lots of fun and laughter – increase team wellbeing

Price: depends on location, type of activity and number of participants


FMO Wellbeing Working Group was looking for a way to empower expat colleagues making meaningful connections among employees and beyond.

Dutch Language Café organized a social wellbeing event: Getting to know other colleagues in a fun way! With the help of experienced facilitators from Dutch Language Café, we made unexpected connections with colleagues while having fun and learning Dutch.

A participant shared about the event: “I joined FMO during Covid, and this event helped me to meet new colleagues.​​​​​​​ Especially games and casual setting allowed me to make deeper connections

Mari Yoshida
Wellbeing Working Group at FMO

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