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Looking for a space in The Hague?

Are you looking for a space to use? You can also rent our space! We have the following spaces available:

Living Room

This informal space is great for:

  • Co-working
  • Team-building activities
  • Club activities & workshops
  • Small performances
  • Presentations
  • Jam sessions & Band practice
  • Birthday Parties & Social Gatherings
  • And more! Use your imagination :)

Facilities: Small bar with drinks (coffee/tea/lemonade), music installation, 5 tables & 25 chairs, TV, beamer, whiteboard & ping pong table.

Open space

This space is on the second floor and great for:

  • Yoga, Dancing
  • Art exhibitions
  • Photostudio
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Band practice
  • And more! Use your imagination :)

Facilities: Small table & 5 large bean bags. Extra facilities can be moved from downstairs to here (extra tables/chairs, music installation, whiteboard, beamer and so on)


Generally, we try to rent out the space whenever there are no activities for members. If the activity you have in mind adds value to our community, we can offer reduced price!

Things to consider:

  • Can our members enter for free?
  • Is the activity interesting to our members?
  • Will it be Dutch-spoken or not?
  • Does it help promote our café?

Example pricing:

Type of activityExamplesPrice
Valuable to the community, Dutch spokenMusicians’ weekly practice where members are welcome and Dutch is spokenFree! (hosts just need to be members)
Valuable to the community, not Dutch spokenArt exhibition or musical performance where visitors speak EnglishReduced price (~30-90 euro per activity)
Not valuable to the communityProfessional activity organised by commercial organisation, not for membersCommercial price (~90-250 euro per activity)

We are pretty flexible and always like to think in possiblities! So in doubt, just contact us and we will explore the options!

Interested in using our space? Get in touch!