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Roben Scholten got the idea for the Dutch Language Café when he came back from a trip to Spain. There, he worked in a bar for three months and learned Spanish just by talking to customers. He experienced how fun it can be to learn a language if you learn it by using it in real life.

When he came back to the Netherlands, he wanted to help others learn Dutch in the same way that he learned Spanish. He proposed to just do fun activities with people while talking Dutch. He got so many responses to that that he needed to make it bigger, and so, the Dutch Language Café in The Hague was born.

Over time, the language café grew into what it is today. A real language café in The Hague, where you can come in at any time and meet new people, play games, and practice Dutch and other languages!

Head shot of Roben smiling and looking into the camera.

Through the language café I have met people from all over the world, learned a lot about other cultures, improved my table tennis skills, made new friends and had lots of fun playing hilarious games.
Roben Scholten