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Membership Discount Conditions

These are the conditions for the membership discount.


  • You are a full-time student
  • You have a student card


  • Preferred: you have an ‘Ooievaarspas’ (reduction card) of Gemeente Den Haag that shows you have low income. You can apply here.
  • Alternatively: You meet the low-income criteria that Gemeente Den Haag set. You can read them here. For most people, the criteria is that your income is less than 1300/month.

For those that meet the condition, the prices are:
Native community membership – 10 euro / month
Non-native community membership – 25 euro / month

You can select the discount when signing up for the membership.

By registering for a membership with reduction, you agree that if you no longer meet the criteria, you will let us know, and you will pay the full price from that moment.