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Dutch Courses The Hague

Our Dutch courses in The Hague help you learn to talk Dutch with confidence!

At the Dutch Language Café you can get fluent in Dutch by taking this path: follow our kickstart course, then study at home while attending our events, and then learn to apply Dutch in real life. Our Dutch courses in The Hague help you take this path!

We believe that this is the best path for you to learn to actually speak Dutch with confidence, while also having lots of fun and meeting lots of new people along the way!

Our Dutch courses in The Hague are given by Roben. We offer the following courses:

Kickstart Your Dutch

Want to learn Dutch but don’t know where to start? This is the place to go! Learn essential conversation skills, gain confidence, have fun, and get ready for our language café events to continue your learning!

How to apply Dutch in real life

Take the most important step: apply Dutch in real life! Get confident talking in real life and learn how to overcome common obstacles like what to do when someone switches to English. Includes a field trip where we practice Dutch in real life!

Effective Self-Study Methods

Learn about many different ways of self-study, like which songs to listen to, what videos to watch, what books to read, and how to use these methods in the most effective way, so that you can really take your Dutch to the next level!

Dutch For Couples

Are you a couple where one of you is a Dutch native and the other is learning the language? Many couples find it difficult to start speaking Dutch with each other. This course is here to help. You will learn tips, techniques and activities you can do together that will help you speak more Dutch to each other!