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We have events every Wednesday and Saturday, so there is always an opportunity to learn Dutch close by! All of our upcoming events are listed at our Meet-up page. Please register there if you plan to join our events, as this way you will stay updated on the latest news about the events!

Before I came to the Dutch Language Café I couldn’t speak Dutch in public or with people I didn’t know. Now I do this easily! This helps me with job interviews, on the street, and also in a bar with a pretty girl…
Mario, from Spain

Wednesday Game Night

Wednesday is game night. We split up in groups, and in each group we do a fun game that will get you talking in Dutch. Each group will be guided by a friendly Dutch native. Afterwards we play table tennis, make music, or just chat along!

Saturday Knitting

Every Saturday we join forces with Wool For Warmth and knit for the homeless and practice Dutch! Knitting makes conversation super relaxed. No knitting skills required!

Meet us at our next event!