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A community of non-native & native Dutch speakers

Learn Dutch in real life (without the stress)

By becoming a member you join a community of friendly natives and non-natives and can participate in many different fun and interesting activities. During those activities, we practice speaking Dutch in a safe space and with an opportunity to interact with native speakers in a natural and low-key way. We’re all there to have fun!

Are you a beginner?
Our community is best suited for people already confident speaking (basic) Dutch in group settings. Are you a beginner? We highly recommend to follow our beginners program!


The things we love to do

And more!

How does the membership work?

As a member you pay a monthly fee to participate in all events

We offer two membership options

Volunteer member
As a community-based organization we encourage all our members to help coordinate activities and help out with the operations of DLC. Helping out is fun, a great way to make new connections, and you get to practice Dutch at the same time!

A Volunteer Membership provides you with access to our community at a discounted rate in exchange for your commitment to help at least 2 times a month. Volunteering can be serving at the bar, hosting an event or other operational activities that we need to keep DLC running smoothly.

Standard member
No time to actively help out? Or want to see how everything goes first? No worries! As a standard member you can participate in all activities!