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Manage membership

On this page you can

  • Pause your membership
  • Convert to a ‘DLC Legends’ membership
  • Cancel your membership

Pause membership

Want to temporarily pause your membership? For example, because you go abroad for a long period? Then you can temporarily pause your membership!

  • The minimum duration of the pause is 6 weeks.
  • During the pause period you don’t pay membership fees.
  • After the pause period is over your membership will restart automatically
  • During the pause you cannot attend any activity.
  • You are still part of the DLC family
  • You can still stay in all the WhatsApp groups
  • You still stay up-to-date with what’s happening through the newsletter

Convert to ‘DLC Legends’ membership

Are you no longer able to attend activities frequently, but would you still like to be part of the DLC family? Then you can convert to a DLC Legends membership!

The idea is to still keep a sense of belonging and a warm connection, even when you are no longer very active at DLC!

You are eligble for a DLC Legends membership if you’ve been a member for at least 9 months.

With a DLC Legends membership you cannot host activities or regularly attend activities, but instead:

  • You can stay in the WhatsApp groups (if you want)
  • You will still stay up-to-date through the newsletter (if you want)
  • You can attend one activity every 2 months. The idea is that you can attend some special activities once in a while, to reunite with your DLC friends, for example a christmas dinner or halloween party.
  • You still support the DLC initiative
  • You are still part of the DLC family!

As a DLC Legend, your monthly fee is 6 euro/month

If you feel like you want to be an active part again of DLC, you are always welcome to convert back to a regular membership again :)

Cancel membership

Do you want to cancel your membership? Of course, that is possible!

After cancelling:

  • You will not be able to attend any DLC activity
  • You will lose access to the DLC WhatsApp groups

Are you thinking of stopping your membership only temporarily? Pause it instead!
Have you been a member for a while, and want to cancel because you are less active? Become a DLC Legend instead!

Is there a specific reason that makes you want to leave, that you think we might be able to resolve? Examples:

  • Dutch level is too intimidating -> We can offer extra guidance & support
  • Not improving enough -> We can offer advice on how to improve faster
  • Not sure how everything works -> We can explain
  • Had unpleasant experience at an activity -> We can maybe resolve the situation

Can we help you in some way? Then instead of cancelling, consider contacting us, so we can resolve the situation! Just contact us at and write how we could help!

Still thinking of cancelling? Then fill in the form below :)