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Dutch Reading Tips

You got here because you wanted to read a page in Dutch :).

Instead of providing you with the translation, we want to encourage you to read it in Dutch! It will be a good practice :).

To help you read it, we suggest that you use an extension called ‘ReadLang‘.

Example of how ReadLang works. Source:

You can install it in Chrome (however other browsers are also supported).

After installing, you can just click a word you don’t know and it shows the translation. It even makes flashcards automatically from your translated words!

If all else fails, just run the whole page through a translator. You can usually do that in your brower, and otherwise, try DeepL. It provides better translations than Google Translate.

If you have any questions about a Dutch word or the meaning of something Dutch on the website, just send an email to!

Good luck, you can do it!