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We can also bring the Dutch Language Café to the company floor. In an informal, relaxed setting participants will play games and practice speaking Dutch to each other. It teaches what is often missing in traditional courses: confidence with speaking in real-world situations!

Always guided by an experienced facilitator
Getting people to speak Dutch and feel comfortable doing it is not an easy task. We have extensive experience in breaking the ice, choosing the right games, encouraging and motivating people, and helping them speak Dutch. We make sure participants have an enjoyable and useful experience!

We help groups get started and guide them along the way

Not like a language course
Imagine music, snacks on the table, people laughing, playing games and having fun. The Dutch Language Cafe doesn’t feel like a language course, but more like Friday afternoon drinks! Participants will look forward to the activity and will have lots of fun!

The exact moment the Jenga-tower fell. Games provide a fun way for participants to interact!

For natives too!
Dutch natives really enjoy our events too. In addition, one of the core outcomes of the events is that it teaches natives and non-natives how to speak Dutch to each other: this is an often overlooked skill! We guide people how to do this.

Great for networking and connecting people!
The Dutch Language Café connects people with a common goal. By playing games, the ice is broken really quickly. Though our warm-ups, participants really get to know each other. It is a really great way to break patterns and connect different kinds of people!

During one of our warm-ups, participants mingle and ask each other questions to get to know each other!

Support our social mission at the same time!
Our mission is to connect people across different cultures and help them learn Dutch and feel at home in society. We are a social enterprise: our corporate activities enable us to make our social events in The Hague accessible to anyone.

Sharing food & culture during our social dinner event!

There are many ways we can set this up in your organisation, for example as a one-time event, or as a regular activity. It can be a full alternative to traditional language courses, or as a great supplement to courses.