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The language café is run by members for members. As a member, you have the option of joining one of the teams. The teams make the language cafe possible! By joining a team, you not only help others but also develop your skills and have fun along the way!

We currently have the following teams. Click on a team for more information. Any team with a star (*) is looking for more members!

Want to organize something of your own? Start your own team! Anything is possible, as long as it combines Dutch learning with an interesting activity. Ideas: Book club, Sketching/Painting, Ping Pong Training, Language Exchange, Dutch Study club, Storytelling, Theater, Role playing/DnD.

To join or start a Team, contact either Wisam or Roben, during the events, or by sending an e-mail to!

Outings Team
Organizes a weekly fun outing, for example bowling, canoeing, museum visits, and so on.
Captain: ?
Hosts: ?

Facilitation Team
Supports the operation of the language cafe ‘behind the scenes’. Meet at least once a week to do a variety of tasks (restocking, cleaning, improving the place, administration, etc).
Members: ?

Core Natives Team
Aim to always improve their skills in informal language education and conversation training. Responsible for high-quality Dutch learning during events, and running our courses and workshops.
Members: Berber, Linda, Wille, Selma, Juliette

Cooking Team
Responsible for organizing a weekly cooking night, where we all cook one traditional recipe of the ‘chef of the week’.
Members: Heini, Avinoam

Knitting Team
Organizes knitting sessions, make sure there is enough materials, teach others how to knit!

Yoga/Meditation Team
Organizes a weekly meditation and yoga session, with chai and conversation afterwards!
Captain: Theya & Menno

Music/Jam Team
Organizes nights where we come together to teach each other how to play instruments, and jam and make music together!

Podcasting Team
Organizing podcasting events and making our own Dutch Language Cafe podcast!

Interested in joining or starting a team? Contact either Wisam or Roben, during the events, or by sending an e-mail to!