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Private Dutch teaching

We believe the best way to learn Dutch is to apply it while doing fun and interesting activities. However, it is still very useful to get more individualized feedback and more focused practice on areas you find important. For those of you who want to maximize their learning efficiency, we offer private teaching.

Our private teaching

✔ Adapted to your learning style
✔ Suited to your schedule
✔ Achieve the goals that are most important to you
✔ Individualized feedback
✔ Brought in a fun and enjoyable manner!

Our style of teaching

  • For complete beginners, we focus on building a foundation of basic grammar and vocabulary
  • For beginners, we focus on building confidence with speaking.
  • For intermediates, we focus on increasing your Dutch use in daily life
  • For advanced speakers, we focus on perfecting your Dutch and reducing mistakes.

We always adapt our teaching to your learning style. And we always make learning fun and enjoyable and make you feel at ease!

This is how it works

First, you get a 30 minute intake. Here, we will:

  • Assess your current Dutch level
  • Identify the areas you want to focus on & the goals you want to achieve
  • Discuss what learning methods will fit you best

Based on this, your private teacher will propose a teaching plan. If you are excited about the plan, you can start as soon as within a week. You will meet regularly (for example once a week) with your prive teacher and practice on areas most important to you.

We find it’s important that there is a good match between student and teacher, so if the proposed plan doesn’t suit you, no worries! The intake is free of obligations :).

Intake – Free
Private teaching – For members: 35/hour, For non-members, 40/hour
Got a special request? For example, private teaching for a small group? Contact us by filling the form below and we can make a custom proposal for you!

Our Private Teachers


I can relate with the aspects of learning a new language because I am learning the Greek language. I like to help people to find a way of learning that gives them positive energy, like I experience it myself. My style of teaching is calm, reassuring, and making you feel at ease! Let’s take new steps in the language learning process together!