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Organise your own activity!

Do you want to do an activity together with your fellow DLC members? Then submit the idea here!

As a DLC member, you can host your own activities! Anything is good! For example, are you into pottery? Organise a pottery workshop! Are you into museums? Visit your favorite museum! Are you into cycling? Organise a cycling trip!

We will support you every step of the way, for example with:

  • Promoting your activity on the calendar and newsletter
  • Giving you a budget if needed
  • Thinking with you how to best organise the activity
  • Helping you with Dutch
  • Linking you to a co-host if you want

Don’t be shy :). Remember, it doesn’t have to be a ‘professional event’! We are just there to have fun and practice Dutch. Don’t feel pressured to organise the perfect activity. For example, if you organise a Yoga event, it doesn’t have to be a professional Yoga session :). It’s more like doing something fun with friends.

Ready to share your idea? Fill in the form below!

After you submit it, the community manager will contact you about your idea and discuss it with you :). Then, with our support, you can organise it!