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Learn Dutch while doing the things you love!

We are on a mission!

We are on a mission to revolutionize the way people learn languages and settle in a new place.

We believe language learning can be so much more fun than spending hours in boring classrooms and then not being able to speak in real life after all.

We believe in a revolutionary new method called the ‘intrinsic value method’ of language learning.

What it means is basically ‘learning a language while doing things that are highly valuable to you‘.

Our method has many advantages:

Traditional Language CoursesOur Intrinsic Value Method
Sacrifice lots of time to achieve language learning ability👍 Spend little to no extra time to learn the language
Learn textbook language usage👍 Learn the language as it is really spoken
Often boring, hard or tedious👍 Relaxed, fun, enjoyable
Only learn the language👍 Expand your network while learning the language
Focused on language learners only👍 Connect with natives and non-natives

Experience our revolutionary approach to language learning!

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