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Meet us at our next event!


There are two ways to join us. We have open events every Wednesday and Saturday. These events you can always join at any time for a small entry fee. And if you like what you see, you can become a member! This gives you free access to all our events, and exclusive access to members-only events. With the membership, we really focus on building strong connections with each other!

Before I came to the Dutch Language Café I couldn’t speak Dutch in public or with people I didn’t know. Now I do this easily! This helps me with job interviews, on the street, and also in a bar with a pretty girl…
Mario, from Spain

Dutch Language Café Membership

  • Free access to all our events (practice Dutch three times a week)
  • Exclusive access to our members-only events
  • Free drinks & snacks during events
  • ‘Getting Started’ guide included

Price: 20/month
Dutch Natives pay only 7.50/month as an appreciation for their help with the language!
– No registration fee
– Cancel online at any time

This button takes you to our sign-up form. After registration, you will receive the starting guide and invitation to the members-only events in your e-mail.

Open events

Wednesday Game Night

Wednesday is game night. We split up in groups, and in each group we do a fun game that gets you speaking Dutch. Each group is guided by a friendly Dutch native. Afterwards we play table tennis, make music, or just chat along!

Saturday Beginners + Lunch + Knitting

Saturday starts with our group focused on beginners. Then, we have lunch together. After that, our Dutch language knitting café starts! We knit clothing for the homeless while speaking Dutch. This makes for a super relaxed way to practice Dutch!

This button takes you to our online event calendar. For this we use MeetUp. Please register at and sign up for our events if you plan to come :).

Members-only events

Friday Club Evening

Every other week on Friday evening we come together with all members. The evening is focused on getting to know each other better! We eat together, do getting-to-know-you activities, play games, and afterwards go out together!

Weekend Mixed Activities

Every other weekend we organize different activities! Highlights from the past: bowling, beach walk, movie night, cooking together, picnic, pride visit, museum visit. All focused on learning Dutch while exploring the city and culture!
Note that for some of these events (like museum visits, bowling, etc) there will be some extra costs .


Friday Mar 13 19:30 – Bowling in Scheveningen
Firday Mar 22 20:00 – Poker Night
Friday Mar 27 19:30 – Glow Golf in Scheveningen
Sunday Apr 5 16:00 – Murder Mystery dinner party