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Join our community of friendly natives & Dutch learners!

Join our community of friendly natives and Dutch learners and participate in many fun and interesting activities. During those activities, we practice speaking Dutch in a safe space and with an opportunity to interact with native speakers in a natural and low-key way. By joining our community, you will:

✓ Rapidly boost your confidence with speaking
✓ Meet natives and get to know the culture
✓ Learn the language as it is really spoken
✓ Build a network of people from all over the world
✓ Grow as a person by becoming active in the community
✓ Have lots of fun!

The things we love to do

And much more!

Organized by members for members

Our community is also a place where you can develop your passions by becoming active in the community! Most of our activities are actually organized by members themselves!

For example, do you like pottery? We can organize a pottery workshop together for all the members! Or, are you into ice-skating? Let’s organize a trip to the ice-skating hall! Anything is possible!

Becoming active is a good way to make new connections, develop new skills, and do things related to your interests!

Our usual schedule

Monday – Music Night
Tuesday – Book Club
Wednesday – Board Game Night
Thursday – Cooking Club
Friday – Co Working + Evening events (BBQ, movie nights, and so on)
Saturday/Sunday – Sports, Trips, Birthday parties, Museum visits, and so on

Meet our members

The DLC is truly a safe place to meet amazing new people! Everyone is very friendly & patient and the cafe has a cosy atmosphere as well. Improving my Dutch has never been so easy and entertaining: Even after the first activity, I have felt much more confident speaking Dutch. I wish I have explored DLC years ago! If you are new to The Hague, would like to improve you Dutch, or simply just want to meet some new people, the DLC is probably the best place to go!

Izabella, 23, Hungary

Outside the Dutch Language Café I don’t have a lot of opportunities to speak Dutch, because at many other activities in the city people speak English. But here you have a chance to speak Dutch with real Dutch natives and get to know their culture and habits. It’s the best way to learn Dutch in The Hague!

Petar, 36, Bulgaria

Ik kwam naar DLC omdat ik het leuk vond om mensen te helpen met Nederlands. Maar ik merkte al snel dat DLC veel meer is dan dat! Ik heb in korte tijd veel internationale vrienden gemaakt en super veel lol gehad! Hoogtepunten voor mij waren kanovaren, tennissen en de vele barbecues en feestjes! Wat ik mooi vind is dat ik als Nederlander veel heb kunnen leren van de niet-Nederlanders! Iedereen die nieuw is in Den Haag, leuk vindt om mensen te ontmoeten en en openstaat voor nieuwe activiteiten kan ik DLC aanraden!

Berber, Netherlands

How does it work?

By becoming a member, you pay a monthly fee to get access to all the events in the community. You can also join our WhatsApp group of all members, and if you want any of our special interest-based WhatsApp groups. You can get free drinks at the café, and are also able to become active in the community by (co)-organizing your own activities, related to your interests!

Highlights of past events