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Introduction Weekend

Do you want to meet people, do fun activities, and practice Dutch at the same time? Then the Introduction Weekend is perfect for you!

For only 15 euros you can try all our events on August 27, 28 and 29. 

The program (choose what you want to attend):

Friday evening: Meet-Up & Games
Saturday: Kids Club, Tennis, Book Club, Movie night.
Sunday: Beginners Group, Skating, BBQ

Natives are very much welcome too! All Dutch levels welcome, even beginners!


After a long time with corona and restrictions, the Dutch Language Café can fully open again! We like to celebrate this with a special weekend. We would like to welcome everybody to come and take a look at our place, take part in our program and meet us in person. In this weekend you can practise your Dutch, meet a lot of new people and most important… have fun! 

Don’t worry if your Dutch level is not so good yet, everyone is welcome during the introduction weekend! 

We create a friendly atmosphere, speak slowly and don’t care if you make mistakes. During other activities we try to speak Dutch only, but during the introduction weekend it is fine to speak some English to feel more comfortable. :) 

Natives are welcome too! It’s a great way to have fun, expand your network and learn new things!

Some examples of the events during the introduction weekend:

  • Meet up! (Friday evening)

The start of the introduction weekend. Get information about DLC and meet your new friends while playing some games! 

A room filled with members of Dutch Language Café who are standing in small groups chatting together before the event starts.
  • Kids Club (Saturday)

Children can play and practice their Dutch at DLC! Parents can have a coffee and chat with each other. 

  • Tennis (Saturday)

Join for a round of tennis, beginner tennis players welcome!

  • Book Club (Saturday)

Experience reading a Dutch book together with a group of natives and non-natives!

  • Movie Night (Saturday)

Get your popcorn ready and watch a movie together!

  • Beginnersgroep (Sunday)

Not so confident about your Dutch? Try the beginners group! Here we speak extra slow and focus on gaining confidence with speaking :)

  • Skating

Go skating with our Skating guide Thomas. Skating materials available!

  • BBQ (Sunday)

A ‘gezellige’ BBQ to end the introduction weekend together! 

For an overview of all events, check our calendar!

A ticket includes:

  • Access to all the events during the introduction weekend 
  • Free coffee and tea and a little snack during the events in the introduction weekend

Be aware of: BBQ is bring your own

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