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Game ideas

Here are some games and activities to try! But feel free to come up with your own ideas! Don’t feel like playing a game? You can also pick a conversation starter and just start talking!

Conversation starters

– Wat is je favoriete eten/sport/film/boek/dier/land?
– Met welke beroemdheid zou je een dag willen ruilen?
– Naar welke periode zou je gaan als je zou kunnen tijdreizen?
– Wat is jouw superheldenkracht?
– Wat zou je meenemen naar een onbewoond eiland/de zombie apocalypse?

Beginner games

Go to Scroll down to ‘start a custom game’. Select number of players, size and set of cards. Choose ‘I’d like to invite opponents myself’. Click start. Share the link & play! It helps to say out loud what is written on the pictures if you click a card.

Op vakantie
One person starts by saying ‘ik ga op vakantie en ik neem mee’ (I’m going on a holiday and I’m bringing), and then adds an object. The next person says ‘Ik ga op vakantie en ik neem mee’ and than says all previous objects plus a new object. If you make a mistake you are out.

Collective drawing a story
Open the shared whiteboard. The first person draws something and tells what it is. Then the next person adds something to the drawing and tells what they just drew. The idea is to make a story together!

Intermediate games

True or false
One person thinks of a subject for the next person. That person then says something about themselves related to that subject. The other people guess whether this is true or false (by pointing thumbs up or down). Everybody who is right gets a point. Then the next person thinks of a subject.

Make two teams (works best with 6 people but can work with 4 minimum). Team A mutes their speakers (so they don’t hear the others speak), then Team B quickly decides on a secret word. They send that word in private chat to one of the members of team A. Team A then unmutes their speakers. That person then has to act out that word to their teammates. If they guess it right within one minute they get a point. Then, the other team gets to choose a word.

Drawing & guess
Open the shared whiteboard. One person draws an object, the rest guesses what it is. First to guess right gets a point. You can use the shared whiteboard at zoom, or use:

Drawing telephone game
Works best with 6 or more people. Open Click start game. Select ‘no rush’ for your first game. Click invite. Share the link with others. Click play. The idea of the game is that you think of a sentence, then the next person draws the sentence, then the next person thinks of the sentence with that drawing, and so on. Of course, it will change along the way and that makes it funny :).

Guess the sound
One person makes a sound off-screen (example: close a book). The others guess what it is.

Guess the object. 
One person picks an object in his/her room. The others ask yes/no questions to guess what the object is. It can be funny to show a very small part of the object by partly hiding it off-screen. You can also slowly move the object in the screen and the first person to guesses it right wins.

What am I?
Choose a category (like animals, persons, things etc). One person turns of sound (so they can’t hear the others talk). The others then decide what that person is. Do that for everyone. Then everyone asks yes/no questions in turn to figure out what they are!

Pim pam pet
One person picks a category (like ‘fruit’ or ‘sport’ or ‘things in the house’) and then picks a random letter. The first person who says an object in that category that starts with that letter gets a point. Then the next person picks a category&letter. You can also pick random letters on this site.

Advanced games

Improvised presentations
One person picks a topic for the next person (example: dogs). That person then speaks for 1 minute about themselves, related to that topic (eg. I like dogs, I had a dog, etc). When finished, the others each ask 1 question related to that topic. Then the speaker picks a topic for the next person.

What’s more important debate
Pick two similar things (like apples and bananas). Choose two people. Both of them pick a side. They then debate for one minute about which of these two is the most important. Then the rest is the jury and decides who won the debate.

Would you rather?
Pick a dilemma from One person secretly picks one of the two options they would prefer. Then the others guess what option that person picked. The person than reveals their choice, and everyone who got it right gets a point. Then choose a next dilemma and another person picks.