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Make your internationals feel at home in the Netherlands!

The Netherlands is ranked as one of the most difficult countries to make friends and connections (source). For many internationals this leads to loneliness and isolation. On top of that, the language is also so hard to learn, while speaking Dutch is required to truly fourish at home and in the workplace!

If your internationals are not integrated well in the country and workplace, they don’t feel at home here and the tendency for them is to leave.

Do you work for or represent an organisation with internationals? And do you find onboarding and integration of internationals in Dutch language and culture difficult? We want to help your employees feel at home!

Our approach

We are not like every other language school. We do not provide traditional language courses. You won’t find any grammar book or formal classroom here.

Instead, we have a unique aproach where we combine language learning with fun and interesting activities. We create informal, relaxed settings, where people mingle and practice together. This approach is more fun, more motivating and more effective than traditional language classes.

And, it goes much further than just learning the language. We connect natives with non-natives and provide opportunities to learn the local culture and quickly build a social network. This goes beyond what traditional language courses can provide!

Benefits for staff

  • The chance to actually get confident speaking Dutch in real situations.
  • An opportunity to connect with both natives and non-natives and quickly build a social network.
  • Lots of fun activities that increase well-being and team-building (see our calendar).
  • A way to contribute to society through community-building.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Better return-on-investment by retaining newly hired staff through better integration and well-being.
  • Opportunity to meet corporate social responsibility goals.
  • Extend the organisation’s reach by staff quickly build a local, but international social network.
  • Easy team-building scenarios with knowledgeable people at Dutch Language Café

Our Offer

If your organisation is based in The Hague or closeby, we can offer a group membership to our The Hague Community.

If your organisation is not based close to The Hague, we can organise activities exclusive to your employees at your location, where we connect your native and non-native employees in fun, teambuilding activities where they practice Dutch together.


Bronze group membership
– 12 memberships
– Intake with each employee

Silver group membership
– 24 memberships
– Intake with each employee
– 1/year exclusive activity for your organisation

Gold group membership
– 36 memberships
– Intake with each employee
– 2/year exclusive activitiy for your organisation

Exclusive activity

  • 5 to 50 attendees
  • For both natives and non-native employees
  • 1.5 to 2.5 hours
  • At your location, our location, or at another location.
  • Example: cooking workshop + Dutch practice.

Custom offers are also possible! Contact us and we will provide you with a customized offer for your organization, depending on your needs, size of organisation and employee profile.

Do your employees already get traditional language courses? No worries! Our approach is a great compliment to courses as well. They can learn to apply what they learnt in the traditional courses, while at the same time meeting locals and expanding their network!

Interested? Let’s get in touch!

The easiest way to get in touch is to use the button below to schedule a brief meet&greet:

Or you can fill out the form below and we will contact you!