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The most fun way to learn Duch in The Hague!

Learn Dutch while…

and many more activities!

Natives speakers welcome! Are you a native speaker? Click here!

Outside the Dutch Language Café I don’t have a lot of opportunities to speak Dutch, because at many other activities in the city people speak English. But here you have a chance to speak Dutch with real Dutch natives and get to know their culture and habits. It’s the best way to learn Dutch in The Hague!

Petar, 36, Bulgaria

How does it work?

We know it’s hard to learn Dutch. Courses are expensive, boring, and time-consuming. And in the real world, everybody switches to English all the time!

Here, you won’t find boring classrooms.

Instead, we believe the best way to learn a language is to speak it! In real life, with real people, doing fun activities.

By becoming a member, you will join a community of friendly natives and non-natives. Together, you will do many different fun and interesting activities, such as playing board games, knitting, cooking, barbecues, movie nights, pic nics, walks on the beach, and much more!

During those activities, we practice speaking Dutch! It is a safe space. Everybody is friendly, speaks slowly, helps you, and don’t care if you make mistakes. It is the perfect opportunity to boost your confidence, improve your speaking, but also to meet new people!

We are open to all levels of speakers. Are you a beginner? No worries! We have a special guidance & coaching program that will quickly get your Dutch to a level where you can comfortable enjoy community activities and continue your learning from there!

At the Dutch Language Cafe you will

✓ Rapidly improve your Dutch level
✓ Boost your confidence with speaking
✓ Meet natives and get to know the culture
✓ Expand your social network
✓ Learn & grow as a person
✓ Have lots of fun!


What is nice about the DLC is that you can discover a lot of things (the language, the culture…) but also meet a lot of people. Moreover, anyone who would like to learn Dutch can join the DLC to play games or to have a drink. Finally, the DLC is the best memory of my Dutch experience!


At Dutch Language Café we practice speaking Dutch by playing many different games, Ping-Pong and enjoying a drink together. I have gotten to know many fun and interesting people through Dutch Language Café, some of whom I now consider to be my friends. Come by some time and see for yourself!


The first time I came to the Dutch Language Café was 6 months ago. I enjoyed it a lot, because I came into contact with all kinds of nationalities. After this I came to the Dutch Language Café every week. To people who are considering coming, I would like to say: You’re not going to regret it! 


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a native speaker. What is in it for me?
Nederlanders zijn natuurlijk van harte welkom! Je leert nieuwe mensen kennen uit allerlei verschillende landen en culturen, je doet allerlei leuke en interessante activiteiten, je ontwikkelt jezelf als persoon, en je kan je ontwikkelen in het taalonderwijs! Als native krijg je korting op het lidmaatschap als dank voor je hulp met de taal.

My Dutch is very bad. Can I still join?
Of course! In that case, we highly recommend you to attend our special beginners group and to follow the coaching program. We will make sure your Dutch quickly gets to a level where you can comfortable enter community events on your own!

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