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Dutch Language Café Focus Group

Do you know this feeling of going somewhere, meeting a bunch of new people, and then never seeing them again? Or having conversations that stay superficial? Of course, this can be fun, but after a while, you want a deeper, more meaningful experience.

What if you could join a group where you would know that the people you meet you will see again? And everybody would be willing to really invest into getting to know each other? So that over time you really form a close group.

This is the core of the Focus Group. There is only a limited amount of spaces available, so that you see each other often and really have a chance to build strong connections. We meet every week and focus on three things: having fun, getting to know each other, and speaking Dutch!

  • The group starts January 2nd.
  • Price: 30/m (Dutch natives: 15/m).
  • Want to get a taste first? Try our open events!

Questions & Answers:

What will we do?

We start January 2nd and from then on meet every Thursday evening, 19:30, at the Dutch Language Café. There, we do a variety of activities, focused on getting to know each other better, having fun, and speaking Dutch. In addition, we do other activities as a group together (think bowling, pool, museum trips, and so on).

How does this compare to the open events?

The open events (games night and knitting) are really fun. However, it is always very random who shows up, which makes it hard to build strong connections. Also, because there are new people all the time, we have to be more directive in what we are going to do. The focus group however will feel more like a group of friends having fun together.

I am a Dutch native, what’s in it for me?

As a Dutch native, you get a chance to expand your network and make lots of new interesting friends with very different backgrounds. It’s like travelling in your own city! On top of that, the activities are also just plain fun. Of course, you won’t be learning Dutch, and this is also reflected in the price. As a native, you get 50% off!

What level of Dutch is required?

If you’re able to have a basic conversation in Dutch (about A1/A2), you’re good to go! During the Thursday evening we try to speak Dutch as much as possiIf you’re in doubt, come by one of our open events first and ask one of the organizers!

Will I fit this group?

The group will be highly diverse: a mix of expats, refugees, Dutch natives and students. Our philosophy is that everyone has something to share and we all can learn from each other’s experiences. So, anyone who is interested in other people is welcome! If you’re in doubt, come by one of our open events and see if you feel at home!


What is nice about the DLC is that you can discover a lot of things (the language, the culture…) but also meet a lot of people. Moreover, anyone who would like to learn Dutch can join the DLC to play games or to have a drink. Finally, the DLC is the best memory of my Dutch experience!

At Dutch Language Café we practice speaking Dutch by playing many different games, Ping-Pong and enjoying a drink together. I have gotten to know many fun and interesting people through Dutch Language Café, some of whom I now consider to be my friends. Come by some time and see for yourself!

The first time I came to the Dutch Language Café was 6 months ago. I enjoyed it a lot, because I came into contact with all kinds of nationalities. After this I came to the Dutch Language Café every week. To people who are considering coming, I would like to say: You’re not going to regret it!