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Beginners course

Are you not yet able to have basic conversations in Dutch? Would you like to attend our community events but do you not feel confident about your Dutch?

Then the beginners course is perfect for you!

The promise

During this 6-week course you will:

  • Learn the 400 most useful Dutch words
  • Learn the most essential Dutch grammar
  • Know many useful Dutch sentences
  • Be able to have basic conversations with confidence!

After this course you will be able to attend our community events and continue your learning from there!

Next group starts June 11th.

Why Dutch Language Café?

We have an unique approach to language learning.

We don’t believe in spending hours and hours in boring classrooms studying complex grammar rules. Instead, we believe in learning in a natural way: by using it while doing fun and interesting activities.

This way, you:

  • Actually get confident in speaking
  • Learn the language as it’s really spoken
  • Connect with natives and learn the local culture
  • Make lots of new friends
  • Have way more fun!
Learning Dutch while canoeing!

In traditional language schools, you go from course to course, ending up spending a lot of time and money, and often ending up not actually being able to speak after you’re done. Our unique approach is that after our beginners course, you can just dive into the community and continue your learning from there!

You continue improving your Dutch while you do fun activities, such as board games, knitting, cooking, ice-skating, museum visits, cycling trips, together with a friendly community of natives and non-natives!

Our teaching style

We believe in making language learning fun! We:

  • Always make our classes playful & interactive
  • Focus on building confidence & having fun

At home, you study using provided study materials. During the lessons, you apply what you’ve studied at home through fun speaking activities.

This course is given by


I can relate with the aspects of learning a new language because I am learning the Greek language. I like to help people learn in a way that gives them positive energy, like I experience it myself. My style of teaching is calm, reassuring, and making you feel at ease! Let’s take new steps in the language learning process together!

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Group 1
Saturday 11:00-13:00
June 11, 18, 25
July 2, 9, 16

Can’t join on these dates? The next group after this starts in September. Interested? Click on the link.

Group size: focused group of 4-6 students
Location: Jupiterkade 8, Den Haag. Easy to reach by bike (12 min from central station), by public transport (bus 28 from central station), or by car (free parking).
Course materials: provided by us
Time: The course consists of 6 sessions of 2 hours. In addition 6 hours of self-study per week is required.

Price: 210,-

Recommended Dutch Level:
This course is suitable for complete beginners, who have no previous Dutch knowledge, and also for beginners, who have some Dutch knowledge, but are not yet confident speaking Dutch in conversations.
In doubt? Come by for a level assessment! Just e-mail us!

Looking for more individualized learning? Check out our options for private teaching

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Any questions? Or want to come by for a level assessment? E-mail us!