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We are currently looking for Dutch natives to volunteer as a language coach!

What is it?

At the Dutch Language Café we are building a core team of Dutch volunteers. This is a team of Dutch natives that attend the events regularly, are skilled at teaching the language, are enthusiastic about helping others and are friendly and welcoming.The core team really improves the quality of the experience for the language learner, while at the same time offering a more rewarding experience to the Dutch native. So, if you are a Dutch native and want to get more out of your time at the language café, join the volunteer team!

What do we ask?

  • You regularly attend our Wednesday evening events.
  • During the events, you actively guide your group and help others with the language. We will teach you how to do this :).
  • You are enthusiastic about helping others learn the language and want to improve your language teaching skills!

What do you get in return?

  • Free access to all our events, now and in the future!
  • Leadership and teaching experience (looks really good on your resumé!).
  • Networking opportunities with a wide variety of people.
  • Training to improve your language teaching skills.
  • A chance to be really involved in the language café and help it grow!
  • Many fun events and lots of appreciation!

Interested? Fill in the form below! We will schedule a meeting where we will get to know each other more. Or just come by one of our events and ask the organizer about volunteering options!

I’m interested in volunteering opportunities and would like to hear more: