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How to help

Thank you so much for choosing to support the Dutch Language Café! There are many ways to do so:

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin
We use our social media to share information about past and upcoming events. Follow us (it’s free!) and stay up to date! You can also leave a review on Google Maps, it helps!

Your donation helps a lot! Whether it’s just for buying new board games or to help us to get one step closer to a bigger and better Dutch Language Café. Thank you in advance!

Become a volunteer
Do you want to get more involved? There are always plenty of things to do. Contact us at for volunteering options!

Spread the word
We would like everybody to know about Dutch Language Café and how awesome it is. You can spread the word at a birthday party, take a friend with you to an event, and most importantly: if you work at an international company, make sure to tell your boss about our workshops!

Join our meet-ups
The success of Dutch Language Café all lies in the people that join our events. Anybody who comes to DLC has the same goal: to meet new people and to improve their Dutch. This is what connects us. So join (again!)!