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Three easy online tools to start learning Dutch

Photo by Brooke Cagle, from Unsplash

Once embarked on the journey of learning a new language, you could start to feel overwhelmed by the number of available resources.

Countless language schools, applications and videos all promise to help you achieve fluency in different ways. 

The same can be said for when you start learning the Dutch language. 

That’s why we’ve done some filtering to help you discover the best beginner tools so you’ll be off to a flying start. 

This article will provide you with three online tools to get you started learning Dutch. The good thing is that these options are free, easy, and effective!


Have you heard of the principle of spaced repetition? It’s a highly effective memorisation technique based on reviewing newly learned information at increasingly larger time intervals. 

The popular platform called Memrise uses this principle to help language learners memorise large numbers of vocabulary in a way you will actually remember. 

Build up a strong foundation in Dutch vocabulary with this free platform. To get you started, we’ve made a Memrise course with the 400 most useful Dutch words. 

Go to, set up your account, find the list here and be amazed at how much faster you learn new words.

Homepage from the website from Memrise.


Learning new vocabulary and sentences can become tedious tasks over time. 

The online learning course Duolingo is designed to keep you motivated. Completing the courses feels just like playing a game, therefore helping to make learning a language a lot more fun. 

It takes you all the way from your first words up to about B1 in reading and writing and A1 in listening and speaking. It’s also very structured, with each lesson introducing a few new concepts. 

Completing the first 30 lessons equips you with basic grammar and vocabulary. Enough to visit the events of Dutch Language Café to continue practicing your skills. Go to Duolingo and start your Dutch learning journey with Duo the owl. 

Homepage from the Duolingo website.

Translate online articles

It is also very useful to learn Dutch by reading online articles. They are often short and with pictures that help understanding. And, as it’s on your computer, translation is easy!

Use a browser extension that helps you easily translate words. For this you can use the ReadLang Web Reader . After installing the extension, go to a Dutch article and press the ReadLang button and you will be able to click on words to translate them. 

What we love is that for every word you click it saves a flashcard which you can practice later.

Visit one of the following Dutch websites for easier articles

De Speld

Satirical news site (much like

The most used Dutch news site.


Funny video’s, and every video has a little intro in Dutch. 


One of the most popular Dutch technology news sites.

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